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Shoe Obsession - the book

16:33 09.04.2013
Shoe Obsession - the book

Yesterday, at last, I've get the book, release of which, I was waiting for about a month! After visiting Shoe Obsession exhibition at FIT in New York, I of course, decided, to have the catalogue with pics of all showpieces. To have an access to this masterpiece, even though printed on paper. The catalogue was for sale only customized on Amasone. And it was more then month and half to waiting for release. In this period of time I returned to Moscow, and was waiting the book here. In dim and cold Spring. Lo and behold it comes yesterday! I reverently take of the packing, touch the cover, and breath deeply open my new bible...

All greyness and run over time Winter step back behind the fireworks of the color heels, fantastic cascade of structures, fabric and textures. I thumb it open-mouthed, scan every detail, savor the moment of possession.
If you are in New York, please go immediately to IFT, the exhibition opet till the April 15!

The Shoe Obsession is my new obsession.

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